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Why incorporate?

There are several reasons to incorporate or form an LLC. Major reasons are to protect personal assets, tax advantages, conducting day-to-day business operations, raising capital to expand, operate, and grow your business, protect the business name or to make the transfer of business assets as easy as possible.

Business structures

There are several different types of business structures. Although it is not necessary to use a lawyer, accountant, or other qualified professional when incorporating, recommends that you consult with a qualified professional for advice on the most appropriate entity type which suits your specific needs.

Top 5 states

Based on orders at the top 5 most popular states to incorporate in are:
1) Nevada
2) California
3) Delaware
4) Florida
5) Wyoming

International orders are welcome!

You don`t need to be a US citizen or resident or have a US address to start a Corporation or LLC in the USA. Unlike other companies, we offer the same low fee for US and international customers for all of our services.